Our Intensive Care is a Multi-Disciplinary Unit supplied with all necessary items, including:


  ICU Beds (Multifunctional).
  ABG Machine & Support of Comprehensive Laboratory Back-up.
  Invasive & Noninvasive Monitoring Units.
  Infusion Pumps.
  Syringe Pumps.
  All Supportive & Emergency Drugs.
  Central Venous Lines.
  Noninvasive Ventilation Disposable Units.
  Other Necessary Disposable Materials.


The Medical team taking care of the Unit is headed by a senior consultant anaesthetist in collaboration with a senior cardiologist, a senior neuro-physician & a senior Bacteriologist.


The nursing team is well trained & experienced in tackling intensive care patients.

Staff is headed by one E.R. consultant and (2) resident doctors available at all shifts, with (4) nurses.


Capacity of (6) beds for short stay and access to all needed immediate senior consultation and advanced investigations.