About MC Nimir Pharmacy

Our internal pharmacy is administratively run by the most efficient group of pharmacies known in Sudan as MC NIMIR GROUP OF PHARMACIES.


The group has over thirteen branches in the capital and was established in 1986. All their branches run from 8a.m till 1 a.m next day except their branch in IMPERIAL HOSPITAL runs 24 hours, providing excellent health and beauty service for both internal and external patients.


The group has the best reputation for the service and availability of all registered drugs in Sudan hence the pharmacy is all computerized thus quick, prompt and excellent service is offered. The group has several contracts with health insurance companies such as SHEIKAN, PRIMEHEALTH, ALTAMEENAT ALESLAMEYA, ALBARAKA INSURANCE, plus all the other groups and companies that have direct contract with the hospital.


Our pharmacy's motto is WE CARE FOR YOU, so come in and enjoy their beauty products.


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